Choosing the Right Material for Your Custom Closet: Wood vs. Wire vs. Melamine

Tim Fowler

February 28, 2024

Are you in the process of building a custom closet in your Chicagoland home? Finding the suitable material for your dream closet is an important decision, and knowing the benefits of wood, wire, and melamine can help ensure you get the best results. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or modern, these materials offer unique advantages to Chicagoans building their perfect closets. Look at the pros and cons of wood, wire, and melamine when deciding what works best for your custom closet!

Deciding whether wood or metal is best for your custom closet. 

When deciding whether to use wood or metal for your custom closet, there are a few things to consider. First, think about the look you want to achieve. Wood provides a warm, natural feel and comes in various colors and finishes. Meanwhile, metal offers a sleek and modern vibe that can make your closet feel more industrial. At Chicagoland Custom Closets, we can create a custom design incorporating wood or metal (or both!) to suit your specific preferences and needs. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your taste and the overall aesthetic you want for your space.

Consider the size and weight of the items you’ll store in your custom closet.

When designing a custom closet, it is essential to consider the measurement and weight of the items you plan on storing. Not only do you want to make sure your closet can accommodate your belongings, but you also want to ensure that it is durable and long-lasting. Investing in a sturdy closet system can save you time and money in the long run. If you have children, it’s also important to consider the age and habits of your children when designing the space. Opting for easy-to-clean shelves and compartments can make organization a breeze. Your closet isn’t just a storage solution; it’s an investment in the organization and cleanliness of your home.

Research the available styles and colors that are available.

Chicagoland Custom Closets offers various styles and colors when designing your closet. The wood options will be perfect if you’re looking for a classic and warm feel. For those seeking a more modern and sleek look, metal finishes will match your style. Laminate materials are an excellent choice if durability and low maintenance are a priority. Finally, woodgrain finishes will be your go-to option for those who love the look of wood but also want the durability of a synthetic material. With so many choices available, you’ll be able to find the perfect style and color for your dream closet.

Compare the costs and benefits of different materials. 

When choosing the suitable material for your project, weighing each option’s costs and benefits is essential. Woodgrain offers the look of natural wood without maintenance, making it a popular choice. The wood is a classic and versatile option but can be more expensive and require regular upkeep. Metal is durable and long-lasting but can be prone to rust and may not offer the aesthetic appeal of wood. Laminate is affordable and easy to clean but may only hold up well over time. Each material has pros and cons, so evaluating your specific needs and preferences is essential before making a final decision.



  • Natural, warm aesthetic: Wood offers a timeless, classic look that adds warmth and elegance to your closet.
  • Variety of finishes: Wood comes in numerous colors and finishes, allowing for customization to match your interior decor.
  • Versatile: Works well for both traditional and contemporary designs.


  • Cost: Wood tends to be more expensive than other materials.
  • Maintenance: Requires regular upkeep to prevent wear, tear, and potential damage from moisture.
  • Weight: Wood is heavier than other materials, which could be considered during installation.



  • Durability: Metal is strong, sturdy, and has a long lifespan.
  • Modern look: Offers a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that can give your closet an industrial vibe.
  • Low maintenance: Unlike wood, metal does not require as much upkeep.


  • Aesthetic appeal: While sleek, the industrial vibe isn’t for everyone and may only blend well with some design schemes.
  • Prone to rust: Metal can rust over time if not properly cared for.
  • Noise: Metal shelves and racks can be noisy when hanging or removing items.

Think about what type of finish would best suit your space.


Choosing the right finish for your space is a decision that can significantly impact your lifestyle. It should reflect your personality and add value to your current space. Consider the aesthetic you aim for – are you looking to create a sleek, modern vibe or a cozy, rustic atmosphere? Your choice of finish can make all the difference. It’s essential to focus on what looks good and factor in durability and maintenance. Ultimately, your finish should enhance your space and accommodate your lifestyle, making it the perfect place to call home.

Choose a material that fits within your budget but still meets all of your needs.

Choosing the suitable material that fits your budget can be daunting. The process can be overwhelming as you try to balance quality with cost. However, it’s essential to strike a balance that fits your budget while meeting your needs. When selecting a material, it’s critical to consider the long-term investment and return on investment (ROI). Price should be one of many factors you consider, as sometimes a cheaper product may cost you more in the long run. Ultimately, your investment should be well-thought-out, taking into account all the essential factors, such as your budget, so that you can get the best ROI possible.

Contact Chicagoland Custom Closets team of designers. 

When designing the perfect closet, working with a team of professionals who truly understand your needs is essential. That’s where Chicagoland Custom Closets comes in. With a talented team of expert designers, they have the skills and experience necessary to create custom solutions that work for you and your unique space. From start to finish, this team ensures you are delighted with the result. Trust the experts at Chicagoland Custom Closets to design the closet of your dreams.

Now that you know the various factors to consider when choosing which material is best for your custom closet, the last step is to contact Chicagoland Custom Closets’ team of designers. Our specialists have decades of experience in helping their clients create the perfect custom closets suited just for them. You can also have peace of mind knowing that our team will ensure you select the most cost-effective solution that fits your budget. Once you decide on the ideal material and style, our dedicated installers will work quickly and efficiently to assemble your dream closet and give it a professional look. Ultimately, taking the time to decide today carefully will result in lasting satisfaction with your new custom closet in years to come. So please don’t wait any longer; take the first step towards owning your dream closet by contacting us today.


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